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Dear Auto Binary Bot Owner,

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This is the robot that I use for my personal, private trading. I simply can’t let too many people have this one, but I wanted to offer it to my first Auto Binary Bot customers as a “thank you” for your investment.

Also, I need you to keep this a secret between you and I. If word gets out that I actually released this advanced adaptive binary trading robot, even though only to 150 people, it would make some people very angry at me.

I was going to eventually release this as $997 product on it’s own. And it’s worth every cent of that. But I’ve instead decided to concentrate on Auto Binary Bot, which is a better all-in-one binary robot.

Anyways, this is some cutting-edge stuff. Totally designed to work alongside Auto Binary Bot and literally turbo-charge your profits.

Now like I said, Auto Binary Bot is awesome on its own. But with this advanced adaptive trading system running along side it, you’ll not only supercharge your income stream…but earn it in greater safety.

bullet In the last ten years, the advanced adaptive forex trading system has enjoyed a 99.38% rate of pinpoint accuracy…absolutely unheard of in this market  
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bullet Next level algorithm predicts future conditions with a 99.38% rate of accuracy…the same algorithm I use to reap profits
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bullet And A Lot, LOT More...

Relax. I’m not going to charge you $997 for it. You’re already a valuable client just by purchasing Auto Binary Bot.

I’m not advertising the advanced adaptive trading system. And you are only one out of a hundred fifty people who will see this page, and even know that it exists.

So I have no reason to charge a lot for it. It’s yours, only if you order right now, for the crazy price of just $17!

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You have two full months to try out both Auto Binary Bot and the advanced trading robot.

If you don’t agree, for whatever reason, that these are the two most powerful tools in the binary trading market…simply contact me for a prompt, no questions asked refund. 

The advanced adaptive binary trading robot is my own personal binary robot. This offer is strictly limited to 150 downloads, and that’s it.

So if you don’t order right now, I’m afraid that I cannot honor a future request on your part to buy it.



No, Dan– I’m going to pass on this unique opportunity
even though I know I’ll never see this offer again
and if I decide I made the wrong call later it’ll be too late
to change my mind. I know there’s no risk, but
I think I’ll be making all the money I need without it.